Money Talks (Beat by NTA)

from by Monev360



This track was inspired by Erykah Badu's "On and On." I was listening to it in my car one evening and I just thought about the part where she says she was born under water with 3 dollars and 6 dimes. Yeah you may laugh but you did not do your math. Once I heard that, it was over! The song is supposed to be about legitimate and effective ways to acquire money, and also a little bit about how to spend it when you get it.


Hook: It ain't about what you cop its about what you keep, God is not mocked what you sow is what you reap.
I move in silence cause I know talk is cheap
If money talks then I want you to hear it speak (2x)

1st verse:
I'm M-O-N-E-V three dollars and 6 dimes which is 360 you can take 6 times
3 that's 18, 1 plus 8 you get 9, I know you askin where am I goin with this rhyme.
Yeah, you may laugh but you didn't do the math, and I know life ain't all about cash.
But to keep it 100 you gotta have some stashed, silent weapons for quiet wars take cover for the blast.
An economic crash inflation raisin the price of gas, your kids are hungry and your wife is mad.
Peace of mind what's the price of that, cause everybody wanna piece of mind so I'm left with a small of piece of mind.
It makes me wanna grab a piece, a nine? but I don't wanna start livin
how the streets designed.
So that's why I gotta keep my mind, on the grind, if you seek you'll find,
I gotta eat its time, to get this money!


2nd verse:
Time is money and I ain't got time to play, we all got 24 hours in a day.
There's 168 hours in a week, we can't work em all or we will never sleep or eat.
We be stressed and beat, hours for dollars is limited, most of the millionaires own their own businesses.
You know what the business is, it's all about gettin it, if you don't learn then you don't earn that's why we missin it.
It's harder when you grown we gotta hip our kids to it, givin 10 percent savin 10 and investment benefits.
I know me talkin bout bank and gainin interest, and its gone really make you think by the end of this.
Tryin to make money illegally is ignorance, subtractin all unnecessary stuntin makes a difference.
Don't flaunt it if you ain't got the benjamins, multiply your time build a team we'll make dividends.


3rd verse:
Don't say I never told ya, that if you tryin to bubble you gone go flat you tryin to get paid off of that coca.
Cola, in the kitchen with the bakin soda you takin drugs if you think you gone be takin over.
The days of being a kingpin from movin weight are over, this is real life not rap life what you imitatin Hova.
It's hard work dedication medication yoga, I wanna be sittin on the sofa with Oprah sippin mocha.
Gettin focused investin gettin brokers, the big picture is gettin richer and not gettin broker.
Which is depictin our culture? Egyptians in positions of Moses, or division being victims of vultures.
It's my opinion and I'm wishin you know it, so when the script is gettin flipped you should listen and notice.
When the opportunity comes seize it, don't dismiss it or blow it the truth is you might not get a do over.



from The Magnum Opus, released July 4, 2014



all rights reserved



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